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Shaula Clark

Shaula Clark, Managing Editor

Shaula Clark has lived in Boston since 2000; she joined Boston magazine as a full-time staffer in 2015.

Walt Disney
Arts & Entertainment

Best of the Day: American Experience: Walt Disney Preview

Get a glimpse of the man behind the mouse at the JFK Library.

Brattle Theatre
Arts & Entertainment

Best of Boston All-Stars: Brattle Theatre

Coming soon: A year-long film noir fest, and much more.

Oktoberfest at Olde Magoun's Saloon

Best of the Day: Oktoberfest at Olde Magoun’s Saloon


Arts & Entertainment

Best of the Day: The Book of Mormon Opens

Have you heard the good news?


Best of the Day: Maine Sail Freight Dining Events

Get a taste of Maine at Cuisine En Locale and Trade.

Maine Sail Freight

Maine Sail Freight Arrives in Boston Harbor

Maine farmers set sail in a 19th-century schooner.

Arts & Entertainment

Best of the Day: Massachusetts Independent Film Festival 2015

Whodunnit? A new Clue doc reveals all at the Brattle.


Best of the Day: Bar Pie Thursdays

Free pizza at Puritan & Company.


Best of Boston All-Stars: What’s New at Formaggio Kitchen

More than just great cheese.

Arts & Entertainment

Best of the Day: Two New ICA Exhibits Open

Works to stir the tactile imagination.

Legal Sea Foods Lobster Roll

Best of Boston All-Star: Legal Sea Foods

Yes, they have a new lobster roll.


Golden Girls Brunch Comes to Back Bay Harry’s

And yes, there will be cheesecake.

Arts & Entertainment

Nine Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Jaws

The cast was terrorized by skunks, not sharks.

Moving Day Boxes
Home & Property

13 Top-Rated Moving Companies

Don’t get Storrowed. Call the professionals.

Arts & Entertainment

Best of the Day: Listen to Me Marlon

Brando, in his own words.