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Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

City Life

We Are Now at the Mercy of the Four-Armed Octopus of Doom

Trying to secure a dose of the life-saving drug that will protect you from the virus? You do not want to see this guy.

City Life

Your Primer for all the Boston Figures Connected to the GameStop Saga

One of the biggest, and strangest, stories of the year is playing out right in our backyard.

City Life

What You Need to Know about Boston’s Vaccine Sites

Confused? Here’s how it works.

City Life

Tom Brady Is Feeling Loose in Tampa Off a “litTle avoCado tequila”

No one has earned a cheat day more than this guy and he obviously went for it.

City Life

Five Ways Massachusetts Ditched the Nanny State during the Pandemic

And how to keep the good news coming.

City Life

A Brief History of the $100,000 MassDOT Toilet

A look back at this infamous moment in taxpayer rage bait history.

City Life

“Big Deal Outta Nothin'”: Doughboy Donuts Doesn’t Care about Marty Walsh’s Big Shoutout

Thanks, the Southie institution’s owner says, but who cares?

City Life

What’s Wrong with My Plant?

And more to the point, what’s wrong with me?

City Life

At Least for Now, Fenway Is the People’s Park

With the bleachers sitting idle, it became a COVID fundraiser hub, an early voting location, and now, a mass vaccination site.

City Life

Sure Hope This Snowpiercer-Esque Harvard Project Doesn’t End Up like the Movie

Blocking the sun didn’t go so well in the dystopian film and TV franchise.

City Life

Count Them Out: Here’s Who Isn’t Running for Mayor of Boston

It might be a shorter list at this point.

City Life

BPD Is Investigating One of Its Own Amid Reports of Cops Joining the Capitol Riot

Deleted tweets suggest a BPD officer may have taken part.

City Life

When the Rollout Ramps Up, What Do We Do about Vaccine Line-Cutters?

Every second wasted on red tape is a second we’ll never get back.

Home & Property

How Low Can Boston Rents Go?

At 17 percent below average, have we finally hit rock bottom?

City Life

Get to Know Kim Janey, the Next Mayor of Boston