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Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.


A Judge Just Sided with Harvard in the Big Affirmative Action Case

Harvard’s admissions system "passes constitutional muster," the federal judge’s ruling reads.


Zuckerberg Plans to Sue if Elizabeth Warren Tries to Break Up Facebook

In leaked audio, he forecasts "a major lawsuit" would follow if Warren makes good on her threats.


Watch This: Video Shows Daring Coast Guard Rescue near Scituate

A father and his two sons went missing after setting off from Plymouth on Sunday morning.


Harvard’s President Says He’s Sorry for Slavery Comparison

He compared a new policy for donors to the 13th Amendment.


The Vaping Ban Sowed Chaos in Massachusetts, but Charlie Baker Regrets Nothing

It was "not an easy decision," but the first-in-the-nation ban was the right call, he says.


Alex Jones Says Brianna Wu Defamed Him in a Tweet

He’s suing her for libel over a tweet, and seeks a "jury trail."


Citylab Says Boston Is One of the Best Cities to Give Up Your Car

Springfield also ranked near the top.

red line train

The MBTA Says the Red Line Is Finally Back to Normal

More than three months after a derailment, the trains are now back to regular service.


The Verb Hotel Rips the Hard Rock Cafe a New One in a New Lawsuit

The Fenway hotel’s owners say the similar-sounding name links it to the Hard Rock’s "glitzy and inauthentic" brand.


Boston Traveler: Manchester, Vermont

Ever hiked with a hawk? Cast for trout in a pristine mountainside pond? Do it all in one day in this fall wonderland.


A Third Person Has Died from EEE in Massachusetts

The news comes as swaths of the state are deemed at "critical" risk for the virus.


Who’s Laughing with the Harvard Lampoon?

Can an age-old institution built on secrecy, debauchery, and anti-political correctness still be funny in 2019?


They Caught the Youths Responsible for Anti-Semitic Graffiti in Hull

Police say a tip led to charges for "multiple juveniles."


Did You Leave a Portable Toilet in the Middle of I-93 This Weekend?

Talk about a, uh, crappy commute.


The Patriots Just Released Antonio Brown

"We feel that it is best to move in a different direction," the Pats say.