Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

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GONE-dola: The Link between Somerville and the Encore Will Be a Bridge

Sayonara to the high-flying vision of cable cars crossing the Mystic.

City Life

Jaywalking in Boston Is a Crime in Name Only. Thank Goodness.

A recent push to make jaywalking fines actually sting should only strengthen our resolve.

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Crunching the Numbers on that Big Pile of Fake IDs from Nantucket

For whatever reason, kids with fakes said overwhelmingly they were from Connecticut. And there was not a single Hawaiian in the bunch.

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GrubStreet Is Still Dealing with the Fallout from “Bad Art Friend”

New York Times story exposed an ugly underbelly of Boston’s writing community at exactly the wrong time.

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Here Are the 2021 Boston Marathon Winners

Finally, it’s Marathon Monday in Boston again. Here are the top finishers at the first race in more than two years.

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A Sudden, Wild End to Columbus Day in Boston

With the snap of a finger, it’s gone!

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Moderna’s Success Put Some New Local Names on Forbes‘ List of the Richest Americans

Three new entries among Massachusetts’ wealthiest can thank the Cambridge vaccine-maker for the honor.

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That Is Definitely One Way to Show Tom Brady How Much He Means to You

A Pats fan demonstrated her admiration for TB12 by doing…things to a football.

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“Dude, Wanna See a Supah Novah?”

The local hobbyist behind a “Bostronomy” TikTok account shoots stunning pictures of space from his back deck, light pollution be damned.

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The Hot Take of the Century: New Hampshire Has the Nation’s Best Lobster

I didn’t believe this before. I don’t think anyone on earth did? But now I do.

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The Latest Threat to New England’s Autumn Bliss: Apple Crime

After a case in New Hampshire, a reminder about the rules of the orchard.

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What You Need to Know about the Gig Worker Ballot Question

Uber, Lyft, and other Silicon Valley titans have brought the campaign to reshape the way we treat their workers to Massachusetts.

City Life

Rick Hajjar Sentenced to 70 Months in Prison

The Alden Shoe Company CFO, and patron of Bianca de la Garza, was ordered to serve nearly six years in prison for embezzlement.


The Top Colleges in Massachusetts, According to the 2022 U.S. News and World Report Rankings

The report ranked nursing programs for the first time this year.

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The Freedom Trail Would Prefer You Not Make Pervy Jokes about Their Cream Pie Ad

The family-friendly institution’s new campaign has teed up some NSFW jokes.