Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.


Elizabeth Warren’s "Wealth Tax" Would Target the Ultra-Rich

It would raise nearly $3 trillion from those with more than $50 million, she says.

Arts & Entertainment

Queer Eye’s Karamo Brown Is Coming to Boston

He’ll be performing Karamo Live! at the Shubert Theatre in March.


Cambridge Police Say Rumors of a Ride-Sharing "Human Trafficking Ring" Are BS

A viral text message claimed the Olivia Ambrose kidnapping case was linked to an Uber driver conspiracy.


Boston’s Preschool Program Ranks Near the Top among Major Cities

Rutgers researchers gave Boston and four other cities a "gold" rating.


Girlfriends, Neighbors Paint a Disturbing Picture of Victor Pena’s Past

The man charged with kidnapping 23-year-old Olivia Ambrose has a violent past.


New Details Emerge about Victor Peña’s Arrest after Alleged Kidnapping

Olivia Ambrose was "crying with a horrified look on her face" as police entered his Charlestown apartment.

Julian Edelman Tom Brady

Edelman to Brady: "You’re Too Old!"

The wide receiver mocked Tom Brady’s critics on the sideline.


More Good News: Missing Boston Teenager Has Been Found

Maria Fernandez, 13, is safe, police say.


UPDATE: Olivia Ambrose, Missing Since Saturday, Has Been Found Alive

Alleged kidnapper Victor Pena is in custody.


Why Dunkin’ Dropped the "Donuts"

An interview with Tony Weisman, the chief marketing officer of Dunkin’ Brands.


Who Shined a Laser in Tom Brady’s Face?

The NFL is investigating after video showed a green light flashing on him during Sunday’s game.


Donut Break Our Hearts, Dunkin’

With a new name, logo, and marketing plan, the beloved local brand is positioning itself for the future. But does that future include us?


People Are Posting Their Heart Rates From the Patriots’ AFC Championship Win

Apple Watches and Fitbits were apparently very concerned about us.


Elizabeth Warren at Logan Airport: "Open Our Government and Pay People"

She joined Ed Markey, Ayanna Pressley, and others at a labor rally.


Trump Has Thoughts on the Patriots and Curt Schilling

He’s got Boston sports on the brain.