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Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

City Life

The Freedom Trail Would Prefer You Not Make Pervy Jokes about Their Cream Pie Ad

The family-friendly institution’s new campaign has teed up some NSFW jokes.

City Life

His Mission: To Map, and Eat, Every Cider Doughnut in New England

The Cider Donuteur’s list of farms selling the fall favorites is at more than 240, and counting.

City Life

The Mysterious Van Gogh Exhibit Set to Debut in Boston This Week Has Been Postponed

It still hadn’t announced a location for its planned September 2 opening.

City Life

The “Milk Crate Challenge” Is a Bad Idea. Especially in Massachusetts

Follow the social media trend and you may get dinged by a very specific state law.

City Life

Oh No, It Happened: Someone Missed Their Vaxmillions Call, Lost a Million Dollars

The nightmare scenario for this unusual state program has come to pass.


Jumpstart Your 2021 Fall Foliage Day Trip Plans with this Interactive Map

If you’re craving some outdoor beauty this fall, here’s where—and just as important, when—to hit the road.

City Life

The World Is in Crisis; A Giant Rubber Duck Is in Maine

From whence has it come at a time like this? And for whom?

City Life

We Finally Found a Car that Belongs on Newbury Street

“Gumbo,” a little dog spotted riding a tiny pink convertible at “Open Newbury Street” is the exception that proves the rule.

City Life

What It’s Like to Set Sail on the Charles with Community Boating Inc.

For 75 years, the Boston institution has kept a prime piece of Boston’s waterways from becoming a playground for the rich.

City Life

More People Are Living in Boston These Days. A Lot More

The population of Boston and Massachusetts both swelled in this latest round of Census data.

City Life

A Referendum on Fun in Massachusetts Is Coming. Are We Ready to Party, or Not?

On “happy hours” and fireworks, voters may get the chance to ditch some of the state’s most infamous stick-in-the-mud policies.

City Life

Without an Official Vaccine Mandate, Boston Bars and Restaurants Are “Taking Matters into Our Own Hands”

The service industry is on a new front line of public health—and some are hoping for backup.

City Life

Ever Lost a Million Dollars in 24 Hours? With VaxMillions, Now You Can

Every winner of the state’s vaccine lottery program faces an ominously ticking clock.

City Life

GBH Has Killed the Arthur Program. Despite Its Best Efforts, It Never Killed Arthur Memes

The Boston-based makers of the show pleaded with horny, twisted meme-makers to stop. They (obviously!) didn’t.

Arts & Entertainment

A Brief History of Bennifer Sightings in Boston

Will Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez bless us all with their presence this year like they did in the early aughts?