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Spencer Buell

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Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

City Life

An Effort to Curtail the Use of Tear Gas on Protesters Is Underway in Massachusetts

Amid a larger movement to rein in police violence, a state rep is calling for a ban on the chemical agents.

City Life

More Rallies and Vigils Are Planned in Boston This Week

Sunday’s demonstration will be followed by several other events in the city.

City Life

As Things Got Ugly, Protesters Trying to Flee Downtown Boston found MBTA Stops Closed

The T says it closed more than 10 stations for “the safety of transit riders.”

City Life

Spotted in a Somerville Apartment Window: “Curbside Trivia”

A pair of roommates found a creative way to connect with their neighbors, via chalkboard and text messages.

City Life

Massachusetts Pot Shops Won’t Look or Feel the Same, but They’re Back

Legal adult-use marijuana sales resumed on Memorial Day, but it’ll be a while before the industry is back to normal.

City Life

To Get a Haircut, or Not to Get a Haircut?

As barbershops reopen in Phase One, it’s on us to weigh the risks.

City Life

Introducing “The Scott,” a Hellish Vision of Great Scott’s Future

It’s a dystopian, disturbing, and entirely plausible vision of the fate awaiting the beloved venue.

City Life

What It’s Like to Be a Massachusetts Contact Tracer

On the front lines of the state’s closely watched program, a small army of people are making difficult phone calls every day.

City Life

Should Parents Be Freaking Out About a New COVID Syndrome Found in Kids?

Boston Children’s doctors expect to treat many more young patients with a mysterious COVID-related illness.

City Life

Is It Really the Fourth of July in Boston without Fireworks?

The tradition will not go on as planned, but the Boston Pops has a backup performance for the big day: A “Salute to Our Heroes.”

City Life

Boston Could See Record Cold Weather This Weekend, Because Why Not?

Sure, cool, great!

City Life

Massachusetts Pot Companies Warn of “Extinction” Without State Aid

The industry says a state-run PPP program would be a sorely needed lifeline.

City Life

Heroes at Work; an “Enemy” Outside. What It’s like to Be a Healthcare Worker Right Now

From a distance, Boston’s healthcare workers are treated like superheroes. Up close, it’s often a different story.

City Life

Brace for Bigger Numbers of Official Massachusetts COVID-19 Cases

A new effort is underway to more accurately count the state’s cases.

City Life

The MBTA Will Pay More than $900 Million for a More Efficient Way to Collect Your Money

An updated fare system will cost $200 million more than anticipated.