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Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

City Life

The MBTA Will Pay More than $900 Million for a More Efficient Way to Collect Your Money

An updated fare system will cost $200 million more than anticipated.

City Life

Somerville Is Upping the Ante on Mask Enforcement

According to a new rule in the city, people out in public without a mask could face a $300 fine.

City Life

Feel Good Friday: The Stories Making Us Smile This Week

From Zoom meetings with baby animals to celebratory scenes at hospitals, there’s plenty of good out there.

City Life

Now, and After the Pandemic, Boston’s Streets Need a Fresh Look

Before we get back to something like normal city life, now is the time to do some transit rethinking.

City Life

It’s Official: Massachusetts Schools Are Closed for the Year

Gov. Charlie Baker just made the long-awaited announcement.

City Life

Sorry, Parents: Boston Schools Will Not Reopen on May 4

You probably guessed this was coming, but Mayor Walsh made it clear today.

City Life

Stories to Give Us Hope This Week: A Keytar Bear Livestream and Rolling Birthday Rallies

Some good news from Boston when the city needs it most.

City Life

My Life in the Age of COVID: NBC 10 Anchor Phil Lipof

In a pandemic, the nightly news comes to you live from an iPhone.

City Life

Man vs. Turkey: A Quarantine Drama Witnessed from a Window, in Two Acts

A battle for the ages.

City Life

If Liquor Stores Are “Essential,” Why Aren’t Dispensaries?

The state’s uniquely unequal treatment of pot shops is giving the cannabis industry déjà vu.

City Life

Take an Unvarnished Look at the Homes of Your Fave Local Celebs

Our New England stars are giving us all a look at their lives in quarantine.

City Life

Stories to Give Us Hope This Week: Teddy Bear Scavenger Hunts, John Krasinski, and Mask Donations

Not everything is bad right now, so here’s a needed dose of good news.

City Life

What Boston’s Billionaires Are Doing About All of This

Robert Kraft dispatched the Patriots plane to China to get masks. So what are the rest of the uber-fortunate doing?

City Life

Boston Coronavirus News: The Patriots Plane to the Rescue

Your daily dose of COVID-19 updates.

City Life

My Life in the Age of COVID: Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

“I think we’ll all have a new appreciation for the things we hold dear when this is all over.”