Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine


Marijuana Testing Labs Just Got the Green Light

Massachusetts is one step closer to welcoming its first pot shops.


Suspects Arrested in a Drug and Gun Sweep Include a Former Staffer for Michelle Wu

"We are all shocked," Wu says.


Elizabeth Warren Just Shared 10 Years of Her Tax Returns

It’s part of her new anti-corruption push and a direct challenge to Trump.

Steven Tyler
Arts & Entertainment

Steven Tyler Is Ordering Trump to Stop Playing Aerosmith Songs, Again

He sent Trump a third cease-and-desist order after "Livin’ on the Edge" played at a rally.


Another Heat Map to Remind You of the Impending Move-In Nightmare

Fear the red splotches, once again.


How the Cohen/Manafort Bombshells Landed in Massachusetts

The state delegation sounded off on the guilty Trump affiliates.


Dunkin’ Donuts Is Converting 30 Boston Locations to "Dunkin’"

And there’s nothing you can do about it.


The 50 Miles More March Is off to Springfield

David Hogg will join them for a four-day protest against gun violence this week.


I Love My Job: Giving Boston a Mural Makeover

Since Heidi Schork founded the Mayor’s Mural Crew 27 years ago, she’s made the city a more colorful place.


A Man Who Bit Off a Fellow Golfer’s Finger in Plymouth Charged with Mayhem

Derek Harkins allegedly chomped on a man’s index finger in an argument on the golf course.


A Brave Local Beachgoer Saved Two People from Rip Tides in New Hampshire

A former D1 basketball player used a paddle board to bring them to shore.


You Cannot Drive a Moving Truck on Storrow Drive

One more time for the cheap seats: You cannot drive a moving truck on Storrow Drive.

Boston Children's

Boston Children’s Celebrates a First for Transgender Surgery in the State

The hospital performed Massachusetts’ first phalloplasty, or penis creation.


WooSox Has a Nice Ring to It

The PawSox are moving to Worcester.


The Globe’s Editorial Push Has Gotten Under Trump’s Skin

The president unloaded on the paper and the press in general in a series of tweets.