Spencer Buell

Staff Writer at Boston Magazine

Spencer Buell is a staff writer for Boston, covering news, politics, technology, the T, legal weed, french fries, bears, Brady, and beer. He used to be a news reporter for Metro Boston and the Arlington Advocate.

City Life

OK, Now the Vaping Ban Is Over

THC vapes will soon be back on the market.

City Life

After a Tragic Winter at Boston Nightclubs, the City Has a New Plan for Safety

The city and police are offering “best practices” for late-night venues.

City Life

After Three Long Months, the State’s Vaping Ban Is Finally Over

But e-cigs will never be the same again.

City Life

Take a Look at the New Car-Free Plans for the Northern Ave. Bridge

They feature a waterfront park in the middle of the Fort Point Channel.

City Life

What Did Boston Google in 2019?

City Life

A “Major Motion Picture” Is Searching for Someone Who Looks a Lot Like Keytar Bear

And the real Keytar Bear’s fans are furious.

City Life

The Boston City Council Candidate Who Lost by One Vote Won’t Challenge the Results

An intense recount has come to an end—and Boston has its first ever Latina City Councilor.

City Life

Pete Frates, Local Hero and “Ice Bucket Challenge” Legend, Has Died

“He was a beacon of hope for all,” his family says.

City Life

A Boston Artist Wrote “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” on the Famous Banana Wall

Was it vandalism or meme-making? Or both?

City Life

Who Will Purge the Sackler Name Next?

Tufts is the first institution of its kind to take the step. Now the pressure’s on.

City Life

A Year in Review: The Most Memorable Moments of 2014

Menino was laid to rest, Meb became a symbol of resilience, and we all did the Ice Bucket Challenge.

City Life

Bristol Sheriff Thomas Hodgson Tried to Score Points with Stephen Miller by Snitching on His Own Church

The Trump fanboy has been sending constant flattering emails to the White House aide.

City Life

Hazards of Living Near Logan Airport Include Slides Falling from the Sky

Congressman Stephen Lynch is calling on the FAA to investigate what could have been a “fatal error.”

Arts & Entertainment

A Glowing, Swaying Field of 28,000 Lights Is Sprouting in the Seaport

Called Entre les rangs, it’s made of thousands of reflectors on sticks, and it’s the latest eye-catching installation in the neighborhood.


Striking Harvard Grad Students Hope to Send a Message “Nationwide”

They walked off the job in a snowstorm on Tuesday.