Tessa Yannone

Wellness Editor

Tessa Yannone covers health and fitness news in the city as the Wellness Editor at Boston, and is also CSCS-certified strength coach. She's from the great state of Ohio and studied journalism at Indiana University.


Kripalu Is Shutting Down until 2021 and Laying Off 450 Employees

The yoga center hopes to reopen next year.


Gyms May Not Be Open, but We Can Look Forward to Outdoor Fitness

While wearing a mask and abiding by strict social distancing guidelines.


Eight Ways to Prevent Breakouts From Wearing a Mask All the Time

Yep, wearing a mask sucks. Here’s how to save your skin.


Go Hard and Stay Home? As Gyms Prepare to Reopen, Fitness Fanatics Are Unsure about Returning

Everyone’s gotten a little too used to virtual and at-home workouts.


These Are the Guidelines for Outdoor Recreational Activity This Summer

For now…


Feeling Emotional Whiplash Right Now? Here’s How to Cope

It’s a roller coaster of emotions none of us agreed to board—but here we are.


All of Your Questions about Using Telehealth, Answered

The doctor will see you now…on your laptop.


What to Do If You Need New Running Shoes Right Now

The wrong kicks could mean disaster for your bod.


Here’s Some Advice on Wearing a Face Mask While Running

Being caught without a mask could now cost you up to $300.


Four Challenges Small Fitness Businesses Face in Surviving COVID-19

The industry is learning to adapt, but will it be enough for some?


Where to Find Free Mental Health Resources around Boston

Help is out there.


Dr. Fauci Sounds Hopeful about a New COVID-19 Treatment

The experimental drug remdesivir showed promising results in a clinical trial.


Namastay at Home

Live-streamed “quarantine workouts” just might change Boston’s wellness industry forever.

City Life

Why Stress Baking Is Everyone’s Favorite Way to Cope

Also, can you point me in the direction of the nearest grocery store that still has flour and yeast?


My Life in the Age of COVID: Olympian Aly Raisman

She finds peace amongst the chaos while gardening and watching the sunset.