Best of Boston

1979 Best Movers

Ed Owens

When Ed’s father, Henry, started the business in 1927, his equipment consisted of one horse and one buggy. Today, the list reads: seven vans, four trailer trucks, two pickups, two cranes, and a thirty-thousand-square-foot warehouse. Affiliated with Global Van Lines, Owens Movers (129 Sherman St., Cambridge, 876-8390) will handle everything from moving large companies (Prudential and Gillette have been moving their customers) to moving pianos (a specialty). “Even so,” Ed Owens says, “we’re a small, union firm, basically a father-and-son operation. We’re honest with folks. We have more to lose, and everything to gain.”

Owens Movers, 129 Sherman St., Cambridge, 617-876-8390