Best of Boston

1981 Best Gypsy-Moth Sprayer

Bill Crow, Lowden Tree Landscape

Funny name for an insect man, but the gypsy moths this spring were no laughing matter. “The caterpillars got a jump on us, and we’ve had to hustle to catch up,” the forthright Crow told us. Crow’s company can put 10 spraying trucks on the road (each with a crew of three), and sprays a combination of methoxychlor (which the caterpillars ingest) and malathion (which kills on contact). “The old double whammy,” Crow notes. He usually charges on a per-property basis, and you can figure it’ll run between $100 and $150, depending on the number, size, and location of your trees.

Needham Heights, 617-444-0402,