Best of Boston

1986 Best Photographer, Newspaper

Stan Grossfeld

<p>In 1984 and 1985 Stan Grossfeld won back-to-back Pulitzer prizes for his work in Ethiopia and Lebanon and on the U.S.-Mexican border. He wrote and edited The Eyes of the Globe, a compilation of 25 years of the Globe’s best photos. He spent 40 days last year playing Huckleberry Finn, floating down the Mississippi on a wooden raft with Globe reporter Wil Haygood. The product of their experiecne, Two on the River, will be published this fall. Most recently Grossfeld received the $10,000 World Hunger Award and donated his winnings to Oxfam America.</p> <p>This year hasn’t exactly been a slow one, either. Stan Grossfeld, the Globe’s 34-year-old photography director, is now a semifinalist in the Journalist in Space competition. If selected, he plans both to photograph and to write about what life is really like inside a 16.5-foot-long cabin.</p> <p>Grossfeld also scored for the Globe day-after shots of both earthquakes in Mexico City. He photographed the second quake, in fact, while it was happening. “It was really eerie,” says Grossfeld, who joined the Globe in 1975, after working at the Star-Ledger in Newark, New Jersey. “I just heard screams and then the ground started shaking and I started running up the street. I felt like a drunk. The street was just heaving underneath me. But then I tried to calm down and make some pictures of it all.”</p> <p>Not only did he “make some pictures,” but he also made the Globe’s deadline by persuading a Delta flight attendant flying out of Mexico City that Friday night to take his film to the Associated Press in Dallas for processing. Grossfeld’s photos and first-person account made the Globe’s Saturday front page.</p>