Best of Boston

1987 Best Family Business

The Flaherty Enterprise

Here’s state representative Michael Flaherty and his partner Robert Kenney, putting in the winning (though by now means lowest) bid on a city-owned vacant lot in Sothie, where the two plan to put up many pricey condo townhouses. There’s Kenney, former Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) director, and another partner, John Flaherty, Michael’s brother, submitting the winning bid on another city-owned vacant lot nearby, where they plan on putting up more pricey condo townhouses. There’s Joseph Santa Fe, Michael’s cousin, doing likewise on another city-owned vacant lot. There’s James Flaherty, Michael’s cousin and campaign manager, sitting on the BRA board that votes on the new zoning plan for the area—he doesn’t vote on Flaherty-related business.

South Boston,