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1996 Best Tailor

Back Bay Laundry Emporium

The heel of your shoe is falling off. There’s marinara sauce on your tie. Your rug smells like Chinese takeout. You’ve been going to CVS in the morning—to buy socks. Enough. It’s time to clean up your life, but the problem with your life is that you have no time to clean up. Luckily there’s the Emporium, the only place where you can pick up your dry cleaning, drop off your laundry, have your shoes repaired, store your winter coats, and get your rug cleaned at 10:45 on a weeknight. If your shirts have ever been trapped for a month at a laundry that closes before you get out of work, this is the place for you.

409-A Marlborough Street, Boston, 617-236-4552,