Best of Boston

1998 Best Pilates

Claire Dunphy

After a few years of aerobics and step classes, you realize there’s just so much pounding the joints can take. Enter the Pilates method of exercise— a gentle-but-tough way to strengthen every inch of your abused bod. Professional dancers swear by this system, which involves a spring-loaded contraption called the Reformer to work every muscle you have, and some you didn’t know you had. Clare Dunphy is certified by Pilates Studio in New York (not everyone who hangs out a Pilates shingle is certified), has all the right equipment, and will have you strong and flexible without the impact of most exercise classes. Progress at your own rate with an encouraging “Ahhh! Now doesn’t that feel good?” from Clare. And it does.

Dimensions in Fitness, 12 Station St., Brookline, 617-734-8144,