Best of Boston

1998 Best Kennel

Weloset Kennels

So it’s a big far-flung. But if you’re the type of person who recoils from the thought of tossing Toto into caged care, then this is your child we’re talking about. Located in a woodsy setting with a knoll where you can stroll with babe before tearfully wishing him adieu, the kennel also has a fenced play area where the staff will take your pal for a few minutes of quality time. The pens are the largest we saw anywhere, at 80 to 100 square feet for large dogs, and have attached runs, bedding with heated floors in the winter, and constantly circulating fresh air. Grooming is also available, as is nondairy canine ice cream. Best of all, stays are reasonably priced at between $19 and $21 a day.

Route 97, Boxford, 978-887-5760,