Best of Boston

1999 Best Breakfast, Business

Cafe Fleuri

With eclectic specials such as the Japanese breakfast (seaweed, pickles, broiled salmon with vegetables, steamed rice, green tea), or the fitness breakfast (yogurt, exotic mushroom frittata, six-grain toast), it’s impossible not to find something to please even the pickiest clients. And while the tables are close together, the plush carpet and thickly cushioned chairs make for an unhurried setting. Le Meridien recently spent a little more than $2 million on Cafe Fleuri’s renovation, hiring the Parisian interior design firm Pierres-Yves Rochon to create an atmosphere perfect for schmoozing. But you’ll have to clinch the deal on your own.

Le Meridien Hotel, 250 Franklin St., Boston, 617-451-1900,