Best of Boston

1999 Best Chef

Michael Schlow, Radius

In the four years since Michael Schlow moved to Boston, he has become not just a major figure on the local culinary scene, but on the national ones as well. So when he left Cafe Louis to plan his own place, foodies eagerly awaited his next move. The impeccably designed Radius more than survived the attendant hype to become the restaurant sensation of the year. Offering a distinctive counterpoint to Boston’s culinary old guard, Schlow’s strength is his understanding of flavors and texture. To that end, he finds the finest ingredients and uses his mastery of technique to treat them with the utmost respect. His pork confit is memorable, meltingly soft and sweet, made in a classic confit technique of cooking the meat in its own fat, which, paradoxically, heightens the flavors without making the confit fatty. As for his striped bass, Corby Kummer wrote that “the impeccable conception, execution, and presentation would be hard to find in any arrondissement [in Paris.]” With food like that, he added, “I’ll fight for a table wherever [he’s] cooking.”

8 High St., Boston, 617-426-1234,