Best of Boston

1999 Best Bike Path

The Weston-Concord-Carlisle Loop

This ride has everything: shade, scenery, and history. It even has—for the most part—good pavement. Start at Weston Center. Take Conant Road into Lincoln, turn right on Silver Street and left on Weston Road to the traffic circle. Continue straight on Sandy Pond Road past the DeCordova Museum. Turn left on Baker Bridge and right on Route 126, which takes you past Walden Pond, across Route 2, and into Concord Center. Head north on Monument Street past the Concord Battleground and the Old North Bridge. Keep going until you hit Route 225 (Bedford Street). Turn left and ride into Carlisle Center, where the hungry can stop at Daisy’s for sports drinks and homemade muffins. Head back toward Concord on Concord Street, which turns into Lowell Road and leads to the Concord Green. Retrace steps back to Weston. It’s 30 miles, 14 if you drive to Concord.