Best of Boston

2001 Best Restroom, Men's


Push through the porthole-windowed door, and you’ll swear you’ve walked into the design equivalent of that old “Sprockets” routine from Saturday Night Live. Everything here is in ridiculous conflict: Stately black tiles cover the floor and lower half of the walls, while bright and modernistic yellow paint finishes the job. The mirror above the starkly modern circular water basin (it really is a basin) is wedged into the corner, breaking your reflection into a surreal, fun-house. And the aural struggle between the television in the corner and the radio speaker in the ceiling is kind of funny: imagine Marvin Gaye doing play-by-play for a Red Sox game. But as men’s rooms go, this one wins for being as conversation-inducing as that aforementioned German talk-show skit.

393 Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-536-3232,