Best of Boston

2002 Best Music, Record Label

Big Wheel Recreation

Most of the music getting airtime on commercial radio these days may be pop-driven drivel, but no one has told that to the folks at Big Wheel. The new-wavy garage rockers in their stable actually care about melody, and they aren’t afraid to put on a real rock show. This year alone, Big Wheel has released CDs by two of Boston’s most buzzworthy bands: We Are the Only Friends We Have by Piebald and Standing Still in the USA by the Damn Personals. Plus, they’ve put out music by Swedish darlings the Hives and MTV stars Jimmy Eat World. All told, Big Wheel makes the local scene cooler than it has been since Evan Dando was in town.

325 Huntington Ave., No. 24, Boston, 617-442-0587,