Best of Boston

2002 Best Breakfast, Power


Big egos like big flavors, want big portions, and prefer big tables. Little wonder, then, that breakfast at Clio has reached utopian status among so many heavy hitters. Haggle over freshly baked pecan bread. Intimidate the enemy over creamy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, chives, and caviar. Impress your peers with the cool-but-elegant setting and finely tuned service that appears as if on cue. of all: The hotel, known for its personalized service, attracts out-of-towners for whom rolling out of bed and going downstairs for a convenient breakfast meeting is a big, big plus. It’s helped to lure away the power crowd from Aujourd’hui at the Four Seasons, at least a few morning a week.

Eliot Suite Hotel, 370A Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-536-7200,