Best of Boston

2002 Best Gym

Mike’s Gym II

There are gyms, and then there are sports clubs. Mike’s Gym II is unmistakably in the former club. And it’s for neither the soft-hearted nor the soft-bodied; with seven rooms of equipment, no flab escapes this place alive. Weights and equipment are situated according to muscle group, so you don’t have to hike to complete your workout, and there are plenty of aerobics classes and cardiovascular equipment to get your heart pumping. And if yours happens to be a softer heart, well, take note: Clients come to this South End spot to lift, and they look like it—shiny with sweat and muscled to the max. If you’re easily intimidated, don’t come looking for a boost to your self-esteem.

560 Harrison Ave., Boston, 617-338-6210,