Best of Boston

2002 Best Yoga Instructor

Rolf Gates, Baptiste Power Yoga

For yoga fiends, Baptiste’s intense, heat-infused Vinyasa style has become a secular church in its own right. So it’s only fitting that a descendant of six generations of ministers should be at the helm of his newly opened Boston studio, drawing devotees by the day. Rolf Gates’s yogic prowess is accentuated by an eclectic frappe of credentials: U.S. Army Airborne ranger, wrestler, EMT, addictions counselor, and marathon runner. His clientele is as varied as his background—CEOs, pro atheletes, housewives, and fitness enthusiasts come seeking Rolf’s instruction and inspiration. Factor in his bulging muscles, melodic voice, and deep dedication, and he’s nothing less than inspirational.

139 Columbus Ave., Boston, 617-423-9642,