Best of Boston

2002 Best Tea


Given this town’s historically intense dedication to tea, you’d expect us to claim at least one intensely dedicated tea outpost. Well, we have two—each a Tealuxe branch. This subtly retro business can render a quick cup of takeout chai as meticulously as it does a slowly infused, crumpet-saddled Earl Grey. (There’s even a cream tea service, if you’re feeling particularly British). Light crimped-edged hot or cold sandwiches (the grilled chicken and marsala chai sauce is a clever and delicious combination) are on offer at the Newbury location, as are serveral hundred types of tea leaves, and what seems like all the tea equipment in China—and elsewhere. So what if it’s been mall-ified? Tealuxe is a distinctly Bostonian—and original—creation.

108 Newbury St., Boston, 617-927-0400,