Best of Boston

2003 Best Burrito

Anna’s Taqueria

Anna’s doesn’t serve the biggest burritos in town, and purists might—might—argue that some of its ingredients (particularly the carnitas) trail those prepared by its competitors. But Anna’s burritos are, without question, the best put together. And as any hardcore burrito enthusiast knows, structural integrity is the true standard by which a burrito should be judged. The quick-working craftsmen who staff this busy local chain’s assembly lines start by steaming each tortilla individually—a step often skipped by other shops—then pile on carefully calibrated scoops of freshly prepared fillings. At the final station, burrito-rolling is elevated to its rightful status among the culinary arts, ensuring that everything holds together until the last blissful bite.

1412 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-739-7300,