Best of Boston

2003 Best Laser Hair Removal

Claire McArdle, Beauty Therapies

Lasers have—figuratively, of course—exploded onto the beauty scene in the last few years. That’s especially true in the realm of hair removal. Alas, in the hands of neophytes, such powerful new weapons can leave clients with red marks, patches of untouched hair, and unjustifiably high bills. You’ll find none of these at Beauty Therapies, where R.N. Claire McArdle relies not on big-talking promises, but on cutting-edge technologies, diligence, and skin-care expertise. One of Boston’s first laser practitioners, she permanently removes hair from anywhere on the body—eyebrows to bikini lines—with a steady hand that zaps clients smooth faster than light speed.

One Brookline Place, Suite 302, Brookline, 617-739-8888,