Best of Boston

2003 Best Sushi

Ginza, Brookline location

When you’re craving sushi but can’t bear waiting in line for hours for a table while being barked at by harried hostesses (an all-too-common occurrence at other sushi restaurants around town), head to the Brookline outpost of Ginza. To be sure, Ginza still does an exemplary job of serving delicious sushi at its original Chinatown location, but the Brookline spot also offers a small, pleasant dining room staffed by the friendliest, most accommodating crew of any sushi joint around. Not only will they take your name with a smile; they’ll also offer you a seat at the bar, where you can sip sake or ice-cold draft Asahi while you wait for a table or takeout. The sushi here is made from fish so fresh it practically melts in your mouth, perfectly cut into bite-sized pieces (or tightly rolled into maki) that don’t preclude conversation, another pleasant surprise in a time when the supersize epidemic has infected even the humble California roll.

1002 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-566-9688,