Best of Boston

2003 Best Personal Trainer

Mitch Shechtman

A good trainer knows how to get people in killer shape. A great trainer is part fitness expert, part therapist, part motivational speaker, and—let’s face it—part drill sergeant. Mitch Shechtman amalgamates all of the above, and adds to the mix a solid dose of humor that takes the edge off that grueling last set of squats. His understanding of just how hard to push clients physically and mentally is a sixth sense. None of which is particularly surprising when you consider that Shechtman is head trainer at BodyScapes, a fitness center dedicated solely to the notion that bodies benefit most from one-on-one time with an expert. Just as important, though, is Shechtman’s other dedication: to make workouts tough but fun.

One Huntington Ave., Boston, 617-267-5766,