Best of Boston

2007 Best Street Food

Formaggio Kitchen’s Saturday Barbecues

Some less enlightened staffers here at Boston magazine argued against this pick, citing its limited availability (Formaggio fires up its sidewalk grill once a week, and for only half the year) and the unforgivable snobbishness of awarding the title of best street food to a purveyor of $7 hot dogs. But proponents were unmoved, pointing out that said dogs weigh in at a juicy half pound. And that—like the house-made sausages and the pulled pork, chicken, and lamb—forms part of what just might be the Hub’s most joyous eating experience. That status is owed largely to Formaggio’s new grill-master, Kurt Gurdal, whose infectious enthusiasm will surely stand him in good stead through season’s end, in mid-November.

244 Huron Ave., Cambridge, 617-354-4750,