Best of Boston

2007 Best Shoe Repair

Waban Shoe Repair

Cobblestones are charming. Replacing a $900 pair of limited-edition size 11 Louboutins because a heel snapped off in that picturesque paving material—again—is not. We scoured the city for a place that could doctor our ripped soles and scratched leather, and refasten the aforementioned broken heel, plus replace stray straps and buckles and refurbish unusual materials in unusual colors, but it wasn’t until we looked west that we found our fix, some 20 minutes away in Waban. The reverse commute is worth it: The walls of the tiny shop are lined with boxes of rehabbed Ferragamos, Chanels, and Pradas, all mended expertly within a week. Going anywhere else would be like sending the Rolls to a Jiffy Lube.

1637A Beacon St., Waban, 617-244-3962,