Best of Boston

2008 Best Wine Shop

Bauer Wine & Spirits

Here in the Hub, oenophiles generally have two types of stores from which to choose. There’s the overly curated boutique, where every bottle warrants its own spotlight and price hike. Then there’s the warehouse, where half the inventory seems the result of bargain-driven haggling (‘We got an extra pallet of this merlot to get rid of!’), not some connoisseur’s strategic sipping. Bauer lands right in the middle, with a store full of attractively organized bottles that are fairly priced yet well chosen. Everything in moderation, people—even when it’s a gnarly 2003 Chateau du Tertre Margaux (a recent store promotion) that opens up into a berry-enriched study in liquid gossamer.

330 Newbury St., Boston, 617-262-0363,