Best of Boston

2008 Best Pickup Bar


It’s easy to agree on where to mingle if you and your posse are bent on skimming from the same pool, whether that’s just-graduated daddy’s girls (Foundation Lounge), martini-swilling cougars (Cuffs), or baseball-capped frat dudes (Clery’s). Finding a pheromone-drenched locale that covers a variety of predilections is a much taller order. The South End’s Beehive measures up nicely, drawing a clientele as diverse as its all-star team of bartenders and as tasty as the cocktails they stir up. And whether you’re seeking a tattooed hairstylist or a sweater set-clad preppette, the uncharacteristically well-lit (for a bar) space means you’ll get a clear view of your quarry.

541 Tremont St., Boston, 617-423-0069,