Best of Boston

2008 Best Day Spa

Bella Sante

Your computer is on the fritz. Your boss is on a tear. Your daughter is in a malignant teenage funk. Think: Happy place happy place I’m in my happy place. Not working? Ditch the visualization and hie yourself to venerable Newbury Street day spa Bella Santé (which, for frayed nerves farther afield, also has locations in Lexington and Wellesley). Step inside the hushed, candle-dotted waiting area, where pitchers of fruit-infused water and plush robes are at the ready. Highly trained hands will then scrub, rub, knead, slather, wrap, mist, oil, and otherwise drive your tension away, leaving skin glowing and sanity restored. Can’t you just picture it? Feeling better? Good—then our work here is done.

38 Newbury St., Boston, 617-424-9930,