Best of Boston

2008 Best Baby Clothing

Bird by Bird

Gingham rompers? Sailor suits? Excuse our spit-up, Mom and Dad, but you need to check yourselves: That stuff’s strictly for the outta-towners. We urban babes need something with a bit more attitude, like tees paying homage to Bruce Lee and Frank Sinatra, along with slick Pluie Pluie rain gear and funky kicks by See Kai Run. And if we absolutely must submit to the affront of being swaddled, please let it be in a simple slate-gray blanket from Toby + Rei, not some friggin’ Disneyfied nightmare. A shopping excursion to Bird by Bird should do the trick. Hand us that crayon—we’ll draw you a map.

1361 Cambridge St., Cambridge, 617-497-1361,