Best of Boston

2008 Best Car Detailing

Dr. Detail Car Wash

Most of us do very bad things in our cars, what with the speeding and the cussing and whatnot. Some of us also do very bad things to our cars, leaving them to suffer the indignity of coffee-stained dashes and trash-strewn floors. When the situation reaches the Good God, what is that smell? stage, it’s time to pay a visit to Dr. Detail. At its three local mall-garage setups (bonus: shop while you wait) and flagship operation in Walpole (bonus: spot a Patriot), this auto aesthetician offers a decent hand-wash and vacuum for 30 bucks. But book a full detail, starting at about $160, and the guys will buff, shampoo, and vacuum away every last vestige of your sins. Consider it an exorcism, with new-car smell.

Copley Place, Boston, 617-247-1417,