Best of Boston

2008 Best Lesbian Club

Midway Café

In a nightlife scene that at its worst can pass for an endless Greek mixer—scrupulously gelled studs angling for meticulously dolled-up girls—the Midway is the city’s all-inclusive off-campus rager. The music dive bar is sweaty, dark, loud, and packed on most evenings, but divinely so on Thursdays, when Women’s Dance Night brings the XX-chromosome crowd and their pals out in force. Couples can hop onstage during Queeraoke to serenade each other with ‘My Girl,’ while singles can scope the crush of punk coquettes, sardonic tomboys, drama mamas, and more. Bonus: The Midway will finally move forward on its hard-fought, long-awaited expansion later this year.

3496 Washington St., Jamaica Plain, 617-524-9038,