Best of Boston

2008 Best VIP Room

The Estate

For anyone over 30, the mere mention of ‘the Alley’ might evoke bad memories of sweaty, oversexed undergrads. Indeed, that scene lives on—but not at the Estate, a two-story nightclub a cut above the rest. It offers upscale bottle service in its six VIP areas overlooking the dance floor; the ultraexclusive Kiki and Shag rooms also come with private servers, cushy seating, and guest appearances by Paris Hilton, The Hills star Audrina, and assorted other celebutantes, Wahlbergs, and Red Sox. To get in, you’ll have to either reserve ahead (an AmEx black card comes in handy) or catch the eye of the discerning bouncers. A tip: Leave the tank tops and ripped jeans at home.

1 Boylston Pl., Boston, 617-351-7000,