Best of Boston

2008 Best Bar, Debut

The Savant Project

Overflowing with medical students, young families, and the occasional wayward group of museum gawkers, Mission Hill wasn’t the type of place that exuded “hot spot.” Until, that is, the Savant Project came along last fall. Taking up residence near Brigham Circle in the former Solstice Café space, the newcomer began pumping out an unexpectedly happening vibe with its graffiti-inspired murals and DJs spinning cool beats. The Latin-Asian fusion cuisine provides additional spice, and the scene (fueled by Negronimeisters and other cheeky concoctions from mixologist Clif Travers) throbs with life, as the TV overhead screens dorky-cool films like Tron and Labyrinth.

1625 Tremont St., Boston, 617-566-5958,