Best of Boston

2009 Best Al Fresco Restaurant

B&G Oysters

When summer finally arrives in Boston, every restaurant with a patch of sidewalk scurries to put out a few wrought iron tables and hang its ‘al fresco’ shingle. Sure, we’ll take every ray of sun we can get, but our kudos in this category is reserved for spots with expansive, more thoughtful outdoor spaces. While Oleana’s courtyard has long been a standout, there’s just something wildly appealing and Secret Garden-like about the sunken back patio at the South End’s B&G. Almost primitive in design, with seemingly rogue vines gripping the stone walls, it feels the way a real outdoor eatery should: comfortable and slightly magical, a lovely aesthetic backdrop to the splendor on the plate.

550 Tremont St., Boston, 617-423-0550,