Best of Boston

2009 Best Sneakers


We wanted to love the Attic, Central Square’s newish ‘lifestyle’ shop that broke up the Payless-Blockbuster-Gap oligarchy. And we do like that its stock of Dunks is readily available in women’s and kids’ styles. Still, it’s only a slice of the selection available at other sneaker stores in town (with a lack of Saturday hours being the final nail in the coffin). So we’re still sending all our love to everyone’s favorite ‘hidden’ shoe mecca: Though after three years Bodega’s no secret, what with preteens and parents infiltrating the hipster fray, that famed secret-door Snapple machine still marks the spot for the city’s most commanding array of limited-edition kicks, from Livestrong Air Maxes to Japanese Monster Pumas.

6 Clearway St., Boston, 617-421-1550,