Best of Boston

2009 Best Bakery, South

French Memories

The low-key town of Duxbury is better known for bivalves than brioche, but that doesn’t keep this café’s Paris-born bakers (the same artistes behind Café Vanille in Boston and Chestnut Hill) from turning out the most decadent pastries on the South Shore. Flaky napoleons, rich éclairs, petite financiers, elegant pear tarts, all types of crusty loaves, and other French classics beckon from the shelves, but it’s the enormous croissants—especially apricot and chocolate—and the chewy-moist coconut macaroons (a.k.a. congolais) that really convince pastry lovers that the world’s their oyster.

459 Washington St., Duxbury, 781-934-9020,