Best of Boston

2009 Best Kitchen Supplies


Not much changed when KitchenArts picked up and moved a block down Newbury this spring: Getting into the tiny space is still a squeeze, and getting out without buying anything is still a miracle. Stellar cooking gear beckons everywhere you look, from the heavyweights (Wüsthof knives, Le Creuset Dutch ovens) to the essentials (silicone spatulas, stainless steel measuring cups). Gizmos and thingamabobs are also out in full force, including but hardly limited to gnocchi paddles, collapsible potato mashers, crêpe scrapers, tomato corers, and salt pigs. All in all, it’s really just about everything an Iron Chef wannabe needs to, er, set the world on fire.

215 Newbury St., Boston, 617-266-8701,