Best of Boston

2009 Best Massage, Therapist

Moore Massage

It was hard to find a bad massage—if indeed there is such a thing—in this year’s bunch. Natalie at Unique Verve put us quite pleasantly to sleep. Samantha at the Mandarin Oriental soothed our muscles (if, at $200-plus, not so much our fiscal conscience). In the end, though, this previous Best Of champ prevailed—despite attempting to defer credit to his mentor, Keith Stiles, who joined Moore Massage this year. Stiles might have been, in Moore’s words, “the man who taught me everything,” but in this case, student knows best. Moore’s consistently thorough handiwork reversed our laptop shoulder and boosted our energy for days. We’re convinced he even cured us of cellulite. You heard us.

575 Boylston St., Boston, 617-424-4000,