Best of Boston

2009 Best Tailor

Newbury Tailoring Company

Antonio Rivas and his merry band of seamsters have earned a cult following for their skill in reattaching the original hem to jeans. But come on: Who’s not doing original hem these days? A great tailor can, and should, also make a garment look better. Tests of the competition, including 2008 winner Le Couturier, yielded mostly adequate results ($40 later, a vintage party dress was appropriately shortened, yet still suggested second-trimester pregnancy). Only Rivas and company, given a fur-trimmed ’60s-era coat that was two sizes too big and six inches too long, came through like champs, producing a glorious brand-new garment for around 50 bucks.

91 Newbury St., Boston,, Boston, 617-787-5575,