Best of Boston

2009 Best Restaurant, General Excellence

O Ya

It’s been two years since chef Tim Cushman’s refined sushi operation made a stealth entrance onto the scene, gradually picking up buzz until being ‘discovered’ by gobsmacked foodies whose praise launched it to the national stage. Now, even as O Ya’s new-kid glow has faded (and despite its stunning price point), the wait list remains impressively long. And we’ll tell you why: Visit after visit, the hypnotic beauty of the food, seemingly simple but layered with clear flavors (white soy and yuzu glazing a sweet scallop, Thai basil and Szechwan pepper on sweet-salty eel), never fails to catch jaded palates off-guard—and has even been known to make some diners blush with delight.

9 East St., Boston, 617-654-9900,