Best of Boston

2009 Best New Restaurant, South


Last fall the splashy new Hingham Shipyard looked primed to become the region’s next dining sensation, boasting upcoming ventures by boldface chefs Paul Wahlberg and Esti Parsons. But an unassuming Pembroke strip mall has stolen some of its thunder with Orta, an Italian joint friendly to foodies, families, and wallets in equal measure. Overseen by Harvest vet Jimmy Burke, the spacious restaurant is outfitted in genteel dark wood and sage-colored walls, and offers a menu celebrating the diverse flavors of Italy—from oven-fired Neapolitan pies to Roman-style baked semolina gnocchi to Tuscan-style meatloaf. When the stars finally arrive at the Shipyard, we just may be toasting them from Orta.

75 Washington Street, Pembroke, 781-826-8883,