Best of Boston

2009 Best Sports Bar

The Four’s

The most important thing in the most important sports town in America is, aside from victory itself, finding the right place to soak up all the action. If you can’t be courtside or behind home plate, that place is the Fours, the venerable North Station sports bar that’s as classic as Fenway turf and Garden parquet. Whereas newer suds-and-scores hangouts tend to come wallpapered in TVs (leaving us feeling as if we’re trapped in a Best Buy), the Fours leaves ample room for signed jerseys, vintage game photos, and other memorabilia it’s accumulated in its 30-odd years. Adding to the ambiance: Many a sports scribe and team executive have been known to tip back a glass here after a game at next-door neighbor TD Garden.

166 Canal St., Boston, 617-720-4455,