Best of Boston

2010 Best Steak, Upscale

Grill 23 & Bar

Steak lovers extol the rib-eye for the deep marbling and for the cap (or deckle), a lobe of muscle so succulent that it often gets saved for the last bites. Richer still are rib-eyes cut from American Wagyu cattle, which spend 300-plus days feasting on potato, wheat, and corn (three times longer than the minimum for USDA Prime). Now just imagine what sort of beefiness would ensue if you could make steaks from nothing but the deckle…of a Wagyu cow. Introducing Grill 23’s $59 Kobe cap steak: 10 ounces of moo-licious hedonism.

161 Berkeley St., Boston, 617-542-2255,