Best of Boston

2011 Best Pastry Chef

Maura Kilpatrick, Oleana and Sofra

Plenty of pastry chefs around town put together fussy, high-styled confections that scream “innovation.” But if you’re looking for someone versatil—someone who can do comfort sweets as well as fine dining—there’s no topping Kilpatrick. With both Oleana and Sofra bakery as her platforms, she twists her way through composed desserts (a funky take on baked Alaska; nougat glacé with apricot sorbet) and fly-off-the-shelves-good coffee cakes, sesame scones, and sugared donuts. What’s more, her inventive use of Mediterranean ingredients produces stellar (and utterly addictive) results across the board.

Oleana, 134 Hampshire St., Cambridge, 617-661-0505,; Sofra, 1 Belmont St., Cambridge, 617-661-3161,