Best of Boston

2011 Best Restaurant, General Excellence


If there’s anything we’ve learned from fine dining’s shift toward farm-to-table cooking, it’s that the integrity of one’s cuisine is just as important as high-end ingredients and elegant presentations. And at Rialto, chef Jody Adams has quietly, unfailingly delivered food with care and purpose for 17 years. Her ability to meld New England’s seasonal bounty with regional Italian preparations can be positively breathtaking, as can her presentations (like the pan-seared black bass with green-onion pesto and a head-on prawn, pictured). And while Rialto has certainly kept up with the trends—you’ll find patés, pickled veggies, and craft cocktails aplenty—thanks to the dining room’s unflinching service and impeccable wine list, the overall effect is timeless.

1 Bennett St., Cambridge, 617-661-5050,