Best of Boston

2013 Best Chowder, Clam

B & G Oysters

Anatomy of a Winner:

Here in Boston, it’s tough to stand out in a veritable ocean of chowdah. Here’s how Barbara Lynch’s oyster bar shows up the competition.

1. Flaky puff pastry “oyster crackers” are coated with sweet paprika and cayenne pepper for a buttery crunch and a bit of heat.

2. Thick bacon lardons add smokiness and bite.

3. A heavy distribution of meaty top-neck clams give the soup the requisite brine and chew.

4. Clam juice and white wine cut the richness of the butter and heavy cream.

5. A swoosh of black pepper and a sprinkling of chives add additional flavor and make for a beautiful bowl.

550 Tremont St., Boston, 617-423-0550,